Northern-Hungary, “Palotsland”, Karancs-Medves landscape.

Broad forests, crystal clear air, neverending tranquility.

Welcome to Guesthouse Macskakő – named after the famous product (cobblestone) of the nearby stonemines.

Our freshly renovated guesthouse takes place here, on this majestic scenery, in one of the calmest parts of the Hungarian-Slovakian border village Somoskőújfalu, just between the two famous border fortresses: the castles of Somoskő and of Salgó. The guesthouse features two separate, nicely furnished modern apartmants with separated bathrooms, each capable to host 3 guests. Should you long for an active recreation or should you intend to spend some relaxing days in peace of mind, come and visit us!


Forensis discount to be cancelled

We inform all our guests, that the Forensis discount published on 13th May 2016 will be soon cancelled. The 10% discount may be used in cases […]

HUF 5.000 for free?

SURE! Book your stay in Guesthouse Macskakő for this year and we provide you a HUF 5.000 value voucher. All our guests booking accomodation in Guesthouse Macskakő for a stay […]

5.000 HUF discount? Promotion for FORENSIS card owners

All Forensis Autóklub card owners, who reserve accomodation in Guesthouse Macskakő till 30th June, receive a 5.000 HUF coupon. The coupon can be used till 31st […]