Castle of Somoskő, lying on a 526 m high hill, has served as Hungary’s northern bastion for centuries. Due to the Trianon treaty closing World War I it’s now part of Slovakia, however being both countries part of Schengen, it can be visited directly from Somoskő. Besides the renovated, conical tower castle a 16 m long, organ pipe shaped, regular penta- and hexagonal basalt formation can be found, which is a really unique geological phenomemon in Europe: similar natural formations can only be found in the nearby Szilváskő and in Sicily, Italy.

Castle of Somoskő gave place to the famous romance of Hungarian renaissance poet Bálint Balassi and Anna Losonczi, inspiring Julia-poems, one of Hungarian love poetry’s best known and most beautiful pieces. Staying at literature: the Petőfi-hut that can be found right next to the castle, in the memorial park named after the great Hungarian poet of the 19th century, commemorates Petőfi’s visiting Somoskő on 12th June 1845.

You may also find a sports center 200 meters from the foot of the picturesque and history-rich castle, that used to give place to the international Salgótarján Jumping Festival for 20 years. Besides of the sports center you can refresh yourself with a drink in Basalt Pension and Restaurant, after it you may visit its jumping athletic shoe museum as well.

Only 400 meters from the castle you may find the Somoskő Wildlife Park and Tourist Center, where children and adults can observe animals from close distance (damon, mouflon, deer, wild pigs can be seen in their natural environment)

If you go east from the cemetery in the center of the village, after a 10 minutes comfortable walk you may find the Somoskő Stone Park in the area of the abandoned Magyar (=Hungarian) Stone Mine, presenting typical rock and stone types of Nógrád.