• The first crossborder UNESCO geopark on Earth.
    Its target is to reconnect the Nógrád scenes with the complex possibilities of geoturism and field development. It has two operational centers: one (being it also the international center) in Salgótarján-Eresztvény, the other one in Fil’akovo (Slovakia)
  • Salgótarján, Eresztvényi út 6.

  • The typical countryside farmhouse fully renovated in 2013 presents the traditional village life (e.g. horticulture, gastronomy, environmentally conscious lifestyle) in details. Free of charge.

  • Somoskőújfalu, Somosi út 103.

  • Horseriding, riding courses, education, horsing camp and shop jumping race on St. Steven’s day (20th August every year) dedicated to the Hungarian Horse

  • Somoskőújfalu, Lovas út 1.

  • 15 hectare wildlife park only 400m from the Somoskő Castle. Indigenous big wild animal species (damon, mouflon, deer, wild pig) can be observed in their natural environment. Lookouts, game drives, professional tour guides, regulas animal feeding and pet petting.

  • Salgótarján-Somoskő, Wesselényi u.

  • A unique forestal exhibition space close to the castle of Salgó. It presents the various fauna, wildlife and geological wonders of Karancs-Medves region – in an unusual way, by actively using our senses

  • Salgótarján-Salgóbánya, Vár út

  • Hungary’s first, Europe’s second coal mine exhibition place commemorating the hard and dangerous work of the miners has been established in the former József mine (abandoned in 1951 and having produced 776.000 tons of coal till that time)

  • Salgótarján, Zemlinszky u. 1.

  • Based on 120 years of experience in glassmaking in Salgótarján, Tarján Glass Ltd. was established in 2011 to produce household glassware (mouth blown, hand made stemware, tumblers and bottles) made with modern technology but by traditional handmade method.

    Our guests can visit the not only its rich showroom, but also the producion hall and the production processes up close with a 10% discount

  • Salgótarján, Budapesti út 31.

  • A world famous nature conservation area of more than 20 billion year-old fossils. A volcanic catastrophe destroyed the paleohabitat and preserved its treasures at the same time by burrying them. It is the main gateway to the world’s first crossborder geopark, the Novohrad-Nógrád Geopark. Seaside sand interspersed with shark’s teeth, huge, petrified trees from a subtropical jungle, leaf impressions of exotic plants, footprints of monsters, remains caked together in the hot flow of volcanic tuff – and all these are in situ, on display along a geological study path. The site has huge potentials for further discoveries, only a shred of the area has been excavated so far. Much of our past is still buried unexplored underneath!

  • Ipolytarnóc, Kossuth u.

  • As the managers of Guesthouse Macskakő, we do a lot in order to support reaching the aims of the Hungarian Red Cross’s credo. As civillian volunteers, we have already helped organizing blood donations and first aid trainings, and according to the capabilities of our guesthouse we still keep on supporting the sacrificing work of the Hungarian Red Cross Nógrád County Organization.