About us

Somoskőújfalu, the Hungarian-Slovakian border village lies in Northern Hungary, 110 km from Budapest (1,5 hours by car) and only 5 km from Salgótarján, the county seat of Nógrád.

Our freshly renovated guesthouse takes place here, in one of the calmest streets of the village surrounded by local hills Karancs, Sátoros and Medves. The house has two separated, nicely furnished modern apartments with private bathrooms, each capable to host 3 guests.

The surroundings – both near and far – is a real paradise for tourists. The undisturbed natural values, the special sub-alpine climate, the local wildlife, the hospitable people, and last but far not least, good accessibility makes this rich – but yet quite unknown – countryside attractive for tourists.

Should you long for  an active recreation or should you intend to spend some relaxing days in peace of mind, come and visit us!