• Castle of Ajnácskő
  • Ragács
  • Pogányvár (Pagan Castle)

Leaving Fülek to East, after Csomatelke we reach Ajnácskő. Its name originates from the era of the Hungarian Conquest (896): as the legend says, one of the leaders of the seven Hungarian tribes, Huba gave the village and its castle to his daughter, Hajnácska as a present.

The castle of Ajnácskő was built on the top of the butte above the village. Now only ruins remind us on the castle that has lived many battles during history – sometime as Hungarian, sometime as Turkish property – its military importance terminated in the mid XVIII century.

From South of Ajnácskő we may find the volcanic-origin Ragács. Its bald top provides us the most gorgeous view of the land. The crater left on the cinder cone of the volcano hill is an interesting sight to see. The 578 m high Pogányvár (Pagan Castle) can be found 3km-s southwest from Ajnácskő. It has been a celtic village once. Now no real castle can be found here, however it’s quite worth visiting due to its fabulous panorama.